How to Activate Autocomplete on Kodi

One of the most useful features of Kodi is autocomplete. The purpose of this feature is to predict the rest of a word a user is typing by showing a list of predicted words. This way, the user can improve his productivity and avoid typing long text.
To activate this feature on Kodi, you need to install the AutoCompletion add-on. When searching for a movie or a song on a specific Kodi add-on using the virtual keyboard, you will get the list of predicted words, and you will be able to choose from this list.

AutoCompletion logo
AutoCompletion logo

Here are the instructions on how to install AutoCompletion:

  • Download the following ZIP file
  • Launch Kodi
  • Click the Settings icon  Settings icon
  • Click System settings
  • Hover over Add-ons
  • Click Unknown source to enable it (if you didn’t do it already)
  • Go back to the Kodi home page
  • Click Add-ons
  • Click the Add-on browser icon  add-on browser icon
  • Click Install from zip file
  • Locate the ZIP file that you downloaded and click on it
  • Wait till you see an Add-on installed message

This add-on has a configuration which you might want to change:

Click on the add-on to see the configuration menu. There are two parameters there:

  • Autocompletion provider – the default value is Google. Optional values: YouTube, Local, Bing, Netflix and TMDb.
  • Autocompletion language – the language you will use for your searches.

Now you can use autocomplete while searching on Kodi. Enjoy it!

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