The Complete Guide to Stremio

Stremio is a media center application that allows you to watch and organize video content from different services, including movies, series, live TV, music videos, podcasts, video channels and more. The architecture of Stremio is based on an addon system that aggregates the content and provides streams from various sources.

Stremio logo
Stremio logo

Here is how to install Stremio app:

Stremio is supported for the following platform: Windows, macOS, Linux and Android.

Go to this page and download the Stremio app for your platform. After downloading it, install it. You’ll be asked to login. You can choose to login with Facebook or create a new account. By login to your account, you make sure your settings are saved even if you use multiple devices, which is extremely useful.

For Android TV the app doesn’t appear on Google store, but there is an easy way to install it:

  • Click¬†this link to go to the Google Play Store for the Downloader app
  • Click Install
  • Wait till the installation is completed
  • Click Open
  • Click Allow to allow the Downloader to access files on your device
  • Click OK in the Quick Start Guide popup
  • Click Browse on the left menu
  • Enter the URL
  • Click Go
  • On the Stremio download page go to the Android section, and then choose the proper APK file for your device (ARM for 32 bit or ARM64 for 64 bit)
  • Click Install in the Download popup
  • Click Settings in the Downloader popup
  • Click Downloader from the list of apps to enable it. It will allow the Downloader app to install apps from an unknown source
  • Go back to the Download popup and click Install to install Stremio app
  • Click Install in the Stremio window
  • Wait till the installation is completed
  • Click Done once the installation was completed
  • Click Delete in the Download popup to delete the APK file
  • Click Delete in the Confirmation popup
  • Go to the apps screen and click on Stremio

Stremio main menu

The main menu of Stremio is simple and intuitive. It contains the following options:

  • Board – Here you can find your recommended content and the content you currently watch. This content is arranged by categories including continue watching, top movies, top series, movies by rating, series by rating, channels and more
  • Discovery – Here you can discover new content including movies, series, channels, TV channels and others
  • My Library – This screen stores your favorites. You can save here all the movies and series you want to watch later. Each movie or series has Add to Library button
  • Settings –¬†The settings of Stremio, which we will review later.
  • Addons – Here you can find the list of addons for Stremio. Installing an addon is simple, you only need to click on the Install button next to the addon description. If you don’t want an addon anymore just click on the Uninstall button. There are addons for movies, series, channels, TV channels, sports, music videos, podcasts, games and subtitles

Recommended addons for Stermio

Install the following addons to get the best streaming experience for movies and series:

  • Joan Carlos Torrents
  • Juan Carlos 2
  • Popcorn Time
  • PirateBay Addon
  • ThePirateBay+
  • Torrentio

Stremio settings

  • Interface – Choose the language for the interface
  • Default subtitles – Choose the default language for the subtitles
  • Cache size – Choose the largest cache size available to prevent buffering
  • Auto-play next episode – Play the next episode of a series automatically
  • Hardware-accelerated decoding – Enable this option for better video playback
  • Background playback – The playback continues in the background even if you minimize the app
  • Data sever – You will get a warning message when trying to watch a video using WIFI
  • Crash reporting – Send a crash report to Stremio in case of failure

The subtitles configuration

You have extensive control over the different aspects of the subtitles. To change them, click on the subtitles icon at the top right toolbar while watching a video. Here are the subtitles settings:

  • Change between embedded and external subtitles
  • Choose the subtitles language
  • Choose the subtitles source. For each language, there will be at least one subtitles source
  • Increase or decrease the subtitles delay
  • Increase or decrease the size of the subtitles
  • Increase or decrease the subtitles vertical offset
  • Use black background color for subtitles

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