Which Streaming Platform Is Best for Newbies

Streaming is becoming increasingly popular among thousands of people all over the world. The reason is that it allows sharing your experience, earning money, and communicating with people who share your hobbies. But how to choose the best streaming platform that will perfectly meet your needs and expectations? Discover the list of the most convenient streaming solutions in this post.

Streaming platform newbie

Before You Start Choosing a Service

The most important thing you should keep in mind is that streaming requires plenty of time and effort. The fact is that popular streamers might stream for hours to reach a wider audience. Therefore, you need to have enough free time to dive into this type of hobby.

But what if you are an extremely busy student who doesn’t have a minute of free time to stream? There is an easy solution to this common issue! Just choose a reliable essay writing service and get all your difficult academic papers done in a few clicks. You will not need to learn for hours; thus, it will be easier to find time for streaming. By the way, here is a list of the handiest streaming platforms for beginners.


Kodi is a streaming platform with dozens of convenient features and amazing potential. It is open-source software with countless advantages. So, how can you benefit from using Kodi?

First, unlike many analogs available on the market, this solution is completely free. This means you don’t even need a cent to become one of its users. This is exceptionally important for many beginner streamers who might have a limited budget.

Second, this streaming platform is universal. It means that you can start using it on any operating system on your PC, laptop, or mobile device. Therefore, you don’t need to buy any additional gadgets for streaming purposes. What is more, it easily synchronizes with various types of devices. This means, using Kodi on different gadgets will be extremely convenient and easy.

But what about extra functionality? Kodi takes care of its customers, providing them with the most innovative streaming tools. For example, it has a remote control which means you can set up the software on any type of device in the blink of an eye.

Third, Kodi is a smart solution. You can create various playlists with music, import videos, and get suggestions related to the content you are interested in. If you are fond of composing libraries, the software is ready to offer this feature, too. You will be amazed to know that this streaming app might be easily used offline.

As for future functionality, Kodi developers keep in touch with all the latest trends and technologies in the world of streaming. This means you will be the first to discover the most up-to-date features and become more productive.


Another platform that remains popular among beginner streamers. Unlike Kodi, it is not fully free to use. It has a free base plan, but if you want to get more features, get ready to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription. It is also one of the cheapest platforms you can find for streaming online, yet it still requires having at least a minimum budget.

If you choose a free plan, you will have an opportunity to use limited functionality and have some ads. However, LightStream is still a commonly used platform among newbie streamers. It allows users to stream to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and other popular platforms.  As for functionality, LightStream has a number of good features:

  • Stream webcams, videos, text, and images.
  • Supports third-party integrations
  • Unlimited streaming hours
  • Invite remote guests to your screen share and streaming (available in paid plan)


This is another quality streaming software that is highly valued by many beginners and professionals. The reason is that it has rich functionality and a bunch of options available to newbies. The software has five different versions, so you can easily choose any according to your particular needs and purposes. However, if you want to get all the features right at once, get ready to pay a whopping $1200 for the most innovative vMix version.

If you hesitate whether the service is right for you, you can start using a free trial period and test all the functions and options by yourself. What is good about vMix is that it allows its users to publish live streams directly to the Internet. Thus, you will save time for buffering your videos. You can also stream images, cameras, videos, and even PowerPoint presentations to impress your audience.

All in all, there are dozens of different streaming software available online. Different programs contain different functionality and might be a perfect fit for diverse purposes. However, Kodi, vMix, and LightStream are currently the most suitable solutions for beginner streamers, while Kodi is still the best one for those users with limited budgets.

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