How to Edit and Convert Videos with FFmpeg

FFmpeg is a free and open-source software project offering extensive¬†functionality for video and audio processing. It’s designed to run on a command line interface and has many different libraries to handle and manipulate multimedia files. FFmpeg is supported for Linux, Windows and macOS.
In this tutorial, we will provide you with the most useful commands to manipulate your videos. As you will see, the syntax of those commands is easy to use and only requires a basic technical background.

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What are Cached Torrents and How to Use Them on Kodi

If you want to watch your favorite movie online without waiting for the movie to load for several minutes and without annoying buffering, cached torrents will work perfectly for you. Cached torrents are used in conjunction with premium services like Real Debrid. Every Kodi add-on that has Real Debrid integration can benefit from this functionality for superb streaming.

Cached torrents

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How to Change to Cloudflare DNS in Your Browser

A DNS (Domain Name System) is a network service that translates a domain name to an IP address. This translation is required as the servers that route internet requests only know IP addresses and can’t handle domain names.

The DNS used by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is slow and insecure. Having control over the DNS, the ISP can track your activities, block certain websites and prevent you from accessing online services.

The Cloudflare DNS, called, is a reliable and private way to browse the internet. This DNS won’t monitor your activities, and you will be able to access websites and services blocked by your ISP. It is also the fastest DNS available, which means you will get a much better browsing experience.

You can easily configure your browser to use the Cloudflare DNS instead of your current DNS. logo

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Pirated Movie Release Types – What to Look for and What to Avoid

Pirated movies are widespread among the online community, especially with torrent sites. Those movies come in different release types, which affect the quality of the movie significantly. The reason that the quality varies so dramatically is that each type derives from a different source like video camera recording, video on demand recording, DVD and Blu-Ray rips and more.

This tutorial reviews the different release types and recommend what to look for and what to avoid.

Pirated movie release types


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Torrent Protection Guide

Torrent is a popular file-sharing network used by millions of users around the world with unlimited access to content. However, when using torrents, the users face several threats related to privacy and security. They may need to hide their identity to prevent tracking and protect their system from malicious and dangerous software like viruses, trojans, backdoors, rootkits, keyloggers and more. This guide is all about how to use torrents and stay safe.

Torrent protection guide

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How to Install Elementum on Kodi

The Elementum add-on uses BitTorrent to stream movies and TV shows, and it doesn’t stream them directly from a specific server like other add-ons. BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing protocol that uses both the download and upload bandwidth. With Elementum you can watch content online or download it to your storage and watch it offline.

Elementum is supported for the following platforms: Android, macOS, Linux and Windows, and each platform has its installation file. It replaces the popular Quasar add-on, which is no longer maintained.

You will also need to install Elementum Burst, which allows Elementum to search different providers and find streams according to the query given by the user.

As Elemntum uses Torrent, you should read our Torrent protection guide and protect yourself, if needed.

Elementum logo
Elementum logo

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