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Kodi Beginner is the best place for you to learn all you need to know about Kodi and online streaming.

On the internet, some websites suppose to teach you how to use Kodi. Unfortunately, many of them refer to old versions of Kodi or add-ons which are no longer available. The quality of the content found on those websites is poor. Moreover, they try to sell you stuff like VPN or TV boxes while pretending to offer objective reviews.

Our team loves Kodi and wants to promote it and for us, the quality of our site and tutorials is very important. We update the tutorials so they refer to the latest version of Kodi, and make sure they are accurate and well-written. We provide tips, tutorials, guides, reviews and update you with all the news about Kodi.

This site is intended for people who are new to Kodi, and also for expert users who can find interesting resources, tips and acquire knowledge about advanced topics. You can learn here how to install, configure and maintain Kodi, optimize your experience with it and find the best add-ons. You can also learn about other related subjects like streaming apps, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android, Plex and Torrent.

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