How to Make Online Casino Streaming Fun and Informative

Online casinos continue to be a trend worldwide, especially those that offer the possibility of winning real money without even playing. In this regard, streaming is emerging as a lucrative and exciting way to earn by recommending legit sites such as and interacting with the public.

Broadly speaking, the platforms used for such broadcasts are Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming. As such, we’ll show you how to make money from this trend, providing several strategies to make your live streams educational and entertaining.

Casino streaming

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How to Change the Splash Screen Image of Kodi

The first thing you see when launching Kodi is the splash screen image. Occasionally, you want to change it because you don’t like the image of the new Kodi version or there is a preferred image that meets your desire. Luckily, you can easily change the default image of Kodi to the one you have chosen. The new image should be in JPG or PNG format and with high resolution like 1920×1080, so it won’t look blurred when launching Kodi.

Kodi splash screen image

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Best Stremio Addons

Stremio uses various addons to provide the best streaming content. It has a similar functionality as other media streaming applications like Kodi. You won’t get any link to watch your content without installing at least one addon.

Here you can find an updated list of the addons we recommend for Stremio. We keep updating this page so you will get the best streaming experience with this application.

Best Stremio addons

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How to Edit and Convert Videos with FFmpeg

FFmpeg is a free and open-source software project offering extensive functionality for video and audio processing. It’s designed to run on a command line interface and has many different libraries to handle and manipulate multimedia files. FFmpeg is supported for Linux, Windows and macOS.
In this tutorial, we will provide you with the most useful commands to manipulate your videos. As you will see, the syntax of those commands is easy to use and only requires a basic technical background.

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How to Install Kodi on webOS

webOS is a Linux-based operation system for smart devices, particularly smart TVs. The OS is owned by LG Electronics and runs on LG smart TVs. Also, several prominent vendors like RCA, Aiwa, Eko, Hyundai and Konka licensed it. With the webOS graphical interface, TV viewers can access and control the various features of the TV.

Kodi supports webOS, and you can enjoy watching your favorite content on this popular OS.

webOS logo

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Top 5 Streaming Shows that Will Encourage Your Interest in Casino

Gambling is categorized as an entertaining activity. This is because it encourages people to believe they can achieve something substantial with a little luck. While many see it as amusement, others view it as a means of making money. Another mode of entertainment is movies. 

In some cases, we have seen a couple of collaborations of both means of entertainment. We have movies and TV series that center on gambling. Stuff like these helps to establish a bond with those who watch them, whether they have prior interests.

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3 Best Niches for Streaming Online on Twitch

Every month, around 7.6 million new channels are live-streamed on Twitch.

Given the fact that there is a need for a supply of constant online content creation in today’s world, live streaming has become one of the most powerful mediums that can be used for the engagement of audiences in real-time. When it comes to the array of platforms, Twitch certainly stands out as a major player that attracts millions of viewers daily. Due to this, if you are an aspiring streamer, you need to find the correct niche on Twitch for you to attract the right kind of crowd.

Twitch streaming

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The Complete Guide to MediaBox

MediaBox (in Hebrew מדיה בוקס) is a free media application for the Israeli audience and Hebrew speakers. It includes the following content arranged by categories: extended Idan Plus TV channels (with additional TV channels), movies, TV shows, music, kids, IPTV with channels from all around the world, Israeli VOD, radio stations and podcasts. The app responds quickly and the interface is simple and easy to use. MediaBox includes also the Telemedia plugin (in Hebrew טלמדיה) to watch movies and TV shows from Telegram groups.

MediaBox logo
MediaBox logo

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The Best Wireless Rode Microphones for Streaming Flexibility

As the digital world expands and online content creation becomes more accessible, the demand for high-quality audio equipment that can keep up with a mobile streaming lifestyle is also on the rise. Among the many brands that tech-savvy creators trust, Rode stands out with its commitment to innovation and reliability.

For those eager to untether their audio, Rode offers a range of wireless microphones ideal for streamlining your content creation process. Here, we will explore the top wireless Rode microphones and how they can enhance the audio quality and flexibility of your streaming setup.

Wireless Rode microphone

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