How to Create a Custom Kodi Build

Do you want to take your Kodi to the next level? If so, creating your custom build is the right thing for you. Such build includes a skin, add-ons and specific configuration to get the proper functionality. It won’t contain any redundant stuff, meaning it will work fast and without the problems you often get when using third-party builds. This tutorial will guide you through all the steps for creating an awesome build, especially for your needs.

Example of a custom build
Example of a custom build

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How to Watch Kodi on Roku Device

Roku devices run a custom Linux distribution called Roku OS. There is no Kodi release for Roku OS, which means you can’t install Kodi on Roku devices. However, you can still watch Kodi on Roku by screen mirroring from a separate¬† device, and enjoy an excellent streaming experience. In this tutorial, we will explain how to do it using Android and Windows devices.

Roku logo

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How to Install Kaito on Kodi

Kaito is a well-maintained anime add-on with high-quality content. This add-on has unique and useful features like play the next episode, skip intro, view your anime lists, automatic episode tracking and airing anime calendar. Kaito provides good free links, but you can also integrate Real Debrid to get more. With many genres and tags, this is one of the best amine sources you can find.

Kaito logo
Kaito logo

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How to Install TV One on Kodi

The TV One is an international live TV add-on with hundreds of channels you can watch from all over the world. The channels are sorted by sections, including documentary, entertainment, food, kids, movies, music, news, sports and USA channels. This add-on is updated regularly, so you should find it is a good and reliable source for live TV.

TV One logo
TV One logo

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How to Install SoundCloud on Kodi

SoundCloud is an amazing music and podcast streaming platform that lets you listen to millions of songs from all around the world. With the SoundCloud add-on from the Kodi official repository, you can search for songs, artists or albums and discover new content by browsing different categories. Moreover, this add-on can play tracks, albums and playlists. All the songs have the best audio quality, so you only need to listen to great music!

SoundCloud logo
SoundCloud logo

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How to Install ApeX Sports on Kodi

ApeX Sports is a sports add-on that allows you to watch live sports events, TV channels, replays and highlights. This add-on scrapes popular sports websites and provides amazing content. All of this content is arranged by different categories, where each category refers to a specific website. We recommend installing Apex Sports for every sports fan!

ApeX Sports logo
ApeX Sports logo

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How to Choose an Android TV Box

An Android TV box is a streaming device that you can plug into your TV to watch movies, series, sports, live TV and much more. Those TV boxes are extremely popular with countless supported applications, affordable prices and excellent reviews.

Choosing an Android TV box may be tricky as there are many TV boxes on the market. There are different parameters you should take into account before the purchase. This guide will help you choose the perfect TV box for your needs.

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