How to Change the Splash Screen Image of Kodi

The first thing you see when launching Kodi is the splash screen image. Occasionally, you want to change it because you don’t like the image of the new Kodi version or there is a preferred image that meets your desire. Luckily, you can easily change the default image of Kodi to the one you have chosen. The new image should be in JPG or PNG format and with high resolution like 1920×1080, so it won’t look blurred when launching Kodi.

Kodi splash screen image

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How to Add Subtitles Font on Kodi

The support for subtitles on Kodi 20 was developed from scratch to make this feature easier to maintain and to allow new features to be added with less effort. With all the updates and improvements, also the handling of fonts was changed. Many people have a preferred font they often use or fonts required for foreign languages, so adding a new subtitles font to Kodi is crucial. In this tutorial, we will explain how to add subtitles font to Kodi.

Add subtitles font kodi

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How to Record Live TV with NextPVR and Kodi

If you don’t want to miss anything on TV, like your favorite show, the ability to record live TV is essential. Moreover, you can change the streaming method to timeshifting, meaning pause, rewind and fast forward for live TV, and get a much better viewing experience. A DVR can provide all this functionality, but there is an excellent alternative based on software.

The alternative is called NextPVR, which is a personal video recorder software built on a client-server model. It includes all the TV functions you’d expect, like live TV, TV guide, recordings, search and scheduler. The NextPVR client is available for Kodi, allowing you to access your recordings stored on the NextPVR server. The server and client must be connected to the same local network for this to work. The supported platforms for the server include Windows, Linux, Mac and Docker.

NextPVR logo
NextPVR logo

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How Set Up SMB with Kodi

SMB (Server Message Block) is a communication protocol used for sharing access to resources on the network, like files and printers. It is highly recommended to use SMB 3, as previous versions have known vulnerabilities. This protocol is mainly used by Windows computers.

In this tutorial, we will explain how to set up SMB 3 and configure file sharing on your Windows computer, share folders, and add SMB share to Kodi. You will be able to share videos located on your computer with Kodi and watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

SMB Kodi

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How to Get and Use Hebrew Subtitles on Kodi

The Burekas repository contains improved Hebrew subtitles add-ons. Those add-ons solve many annoying problems in the existing Hebrew subtitles add-ons. The recommended add-on from the repository is All Subs Plus, which integrates all the sources of Hebrew subtitles and has many cool features like loading the best subtitle automatically. With those add-ons, every Israeli or Hebrew speaker can now watch movies or TV shows on Kodi with the best subtitles in the easiest way possible.

Hebrew subtitles logo
Hebrew subtitles logo

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How to Get and Use Subtitles on Kodi

Subtitles are an essential component of Kodi. People use it when the audio quality is bad or when they need to keep the volume low to avoid causing disturbance to the others around. Also, if the movie or TV show is spoken in a foreign language, we require subtitle.

Kodi has excellent support for subtitles. In this tutorial, we will explain how to get them and what to do if the subtitle is out of sync.

Subtitle Kodi
Movie with English subtitle

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How to Install Account Manager on Kodi

Have you ever tried authorizing services like Real Debrid or Trakt for numerous add-ons on Kodi? If you did, you surely know that this is an exhausting task. Fortunately, we have the Account Manager add-on that solves this problem. With this add-on, you can pair multiple services with supported add-ons via a single authorization point and easily manage the data for these services.

Account manager logo

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How to Share Libraries on Kodi using UPnP

UPnP is a set of networking protocols that allows devices like computers and mobile phones to discover each other seamlessly over the network and establish network services. If you have a lot of videos on your computer and you want to watch them on a mobile device or your TV, the combination of Kodi and UPnP will be an excellent solution for it. You can do it by setting your computer as a UPnP server and accessing this server with a Kodi UPnP client that may be a mobile device, Fire TV stick or set-top box, if they are all connected to the same local network.
Kodi uPnP

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How to Set Up OneDrive on Kodi

Microsoft OneDrive is a file hosting service. It is used for storing files and synchronizing them across multiple devices.
You can access all your videos found on OneDrive using a Kodi add-on, without the need to use any external storage device. This add-on utilizes the OneDrive API, which means it is fast and reliable.

OneDrive logo

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