How to Setup Google Drive on Kodi

Synchronizing Google Drive with Kodi is an easy and flexible way to watch your movies and TV shows. You can access all your videos found on Google Drive using a Kodi add-on, without the need to use any external storage device. This way, you can enjoy a bufferfree and pleasant streaming experience from any place with internet connectivity.

Google Drive logo

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How to Install Midian on Kodi

The Midian add-on is an all-in-one add-on with a huge amount of high-quality content. Midian has an excellent free one-click section divided into subsections, including one-click movies, one-click catch-up TV, Kung Fu theater, live channels, 24/7 live cams, classic sports, at the gym, the music box and much more. You can also authorize Real Debrid to use this add-on. The developer of this add-on maintains it well, so you should try it!

Midian logo
Midian logo

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How to Install Wrestlers on Kodi

The Wrestlers add-on is perfect for professional wrestling fans with a ton of high-quality content. The add-on organizes the content in various categories, including premieres and live shows, wrestling archives, wrestling matches, wrestling channels, WWE wrestling, AEW wrestling, ROH wrestling, women’s wrestling, legends of wrestling and much more. This add-on is mandatory for every wrestling fan!

Wrestlers logo
Wrestlers logo

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How to Use Skip Intro on Plex

When watching your favorite TV show, you get the same theme song and credits intro every time. This can be quite irritating. However, the Plex Media Server can analyze TV shows in the background and detect this intro using a sophisticated pattern recognition algorithm. Once the processing is completed, you’ll see a friendly Skip Intro button in the relevant part of the show. All you need to do now is to click this button and get to the interesting part.

Plex Skip Intro
Here is how Plex Skip Intro looks like

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How to Install Pluto TV on Kodi

The Pluto TV add-on scraps the content of the Pluto TV service, which is a free American television service. The channels include popular ones like CNN, Bloomberg News, British TV, Food TV, Fox Sports, IGN, NBC News, Nick Jr, MTV, NFL Channel, Dora TV, TBN, Crime Network and much more. With 250+ channels and 1000’s of on-demand movies and TV shows, this add-on is one of the best you can find.

Pluto TV logo
Pluto TV logo

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How to Install Tubi TV on Kodi

The Tubi TV add-on scrapes the content of the Tubi TV streaming service, which provides a huge amount of free movies and TV shows. This add-on offers the free content in various categories, including most popular, recently added, action, horror, comedy, classics, westerns, drama, documentary, kids shows and much more. It is an excellent source for movies and TV shows and works great on Kodi.

Tubi TV logo
Tubi TV logo

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The Complete Guide to Stremio

Stremio is a media center application that allows you to watch and organize video content from different services, including movies, series, live TV, music videos, podcasts, video channels and more. The architecture of Stremio is based on an addon system that aggregates the content and provides streams from various sources.

Stremio logo
Stremio logo

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