What’s New in Kodi 21?

Kodi 21 Omega is the newest release of Kodi, and it is still under development. This release will replace the current Kodi 20 Nexus. In this article, we will review all the major changes in this release, so you will know what to expect and how to get the most out of this new exciting release.

You can get Kodi 21 Alpha 2 from here. Select your platform, and then look in the Prerelease section.

You can find here all the code changes made for Kodi 21.

Kodi 21
Kodi 21 splash screen

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Getting Streaming Set Up with Twitch on Kodi

As we’ve made abundantly clear on this website, we love Kodi and its cross-platform capabilities to work as a central media hub for game streaming, movies, music, TV shows, and even live sports. What sets this open-source media application apart from others is the variety of add-ons that extend the tool’s functionality. And one of the best add-ons for Kodi is Twitch to stream your favorite game titles.

Streaming Twitch

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Live Streaming Campus Life: Connecting Students in the Virtual Community

In the digital-first era, all aspects of our day-to-day lives change with light speed. Colleges are no exception. Education is no longer confined by geographical boundaries; instead, it exists in an unbounded domain where a single click may whisk you away to the thrilling world of college life.

We look at the novel ways in which tech is reshaping education and promoting a feeling of community through live-streaming campus life.

Streaming campus life

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How to Install Account Manager on Kodi

Have you ever tried authorizing services like Real Debrid or Trakt for numerous add-ons on Kodi? If you did, you surely know that this is an exhausting task. Fortunately, we have the Account Manager add-on that solves this problem. With this add-on, you can pair multiple services with supported add-ons via a single authorization point and easily manage the data for these services.

Account manager logo

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Live Streaming Platforms: A New Frontier for College Student Engagement

The concept of live streaming platforms is far from being new, as it emerged during the times of Covid-19 when most students had to implement remote learning methods. In a certain sense, it became a new frontier for college student engagement as it became possible to study anywhere and participate in interactive lessons. Even though most educators these days have been using Zoom Live Streaming platform and Google Classroom to get things done, there are many other ways and professional platforms that focus on live streaming classes. Since it makes it possible to access data on demand after the stream has already ended, it helps students to manage their time and still access sought-after educational content.

Streaming platforms

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The Integration of Streaming Technologies in Traditional Education Systems

It’s hardly surprising that, as technology develops at an unprecedented rate, substantial shifts have occurred in the field of education. Recent years have shown a dramatic shift toward incorporating streaming automation with more conventional forms of schooling. These innovations, which range from online lectures to virtual classrooms, significantly altered the dynamic between professors and their students. This strategy has benefits and drawbacks, just like any other novel idea. This article will discuss the evolution of video technologies in the classroom, how they have affected student learning, and where they see this trend going in the context of more conventional educational models. Let’s get into it!

Integration streaming

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How to Stop Cyberattacks and Private Information Leaks with iTop VPN

As our lives increasingly rely on technology, the risk of cyberattacks and private information leaks has never been higher. Every day, countless individuals fall victim to cybercriminals who use a variety of tactics to gain access to sensitive data. In this age of digital information, it’s essential to take measures to protect your privacy and safeguard your personal information.

iTop VPN
iTop VPN

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How to Stream a Live Event on Social Media

Streaming a live event on social media has become a popular way to reach a wider audience and engage with followers in real-time. Whether it’s a concert, conference, or product launch, streaming a live event can help to increase brand awareness and attract new followers. In addition, apps that monitor social media may assist you significantly in protecting your followers. Here’s how you can stream a live event on social media.

Stream social media

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How to Install World Live TV on Kodi

The World Live TV is a great live TV add-on containing many free international TV channels and radio stations. In addition, this add-on has good sections for karaoke and live cameras from all over the world. Accessing the well-organized content is simple. You can also manage the different M3U playlists provided by the add-on. With all this amazing content, World Live TV is one of our favorites.

World Live TV logo
World Live TV logo

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