What’s New in Kodi 21?

Kodi 21 Omega is the latest release of Kodi. This release replaces the previous Kodi 20 Nexus. In this article, we will review all the major changes in this release so you will know what to expect and how to get the most out of this exciting release.

You can get Kodi 21 from here. Select your platform and download the installation file.

You can find here all the code changes made for Kodi 21.

Kodi 21
Kodi 21 splash screen

 Here you can find what’s new in Kodi 21:

  • Moved to upstream FFmpeg. It is a big achievement and allows easier FFmpeg updates in the future
  • Updated to FFmpeg 6.0.1 for all platforms that don’t use a system-provided FFmpeg version
  • Added support for NFSv4
  • Improvements to the Retroplayer ecosystem
  • Support for reading and writing playlist files in M3U8 format
  • Improved artwork cache handling for faster loading of images
  • Added AVIF image support
  • Detection of content encoded in Dolby Vision and HDR10 was improved on Android
  • Improved AV1 playback support on Windows
  • Implemented support for DXVA2 AV1 hardware video decoding 8-bit and 10-bit on Windows
  • Fixed crash with VC-1 and some MPEG-2 videos when using DXVA decoding on Windows
  • Fixed crash with Pipewire on Linux
  • HDR10 support was added for Xbox
  • Implemented shutdown/reboot for webOS
  • Fixed audiobooks not showing duration in last chapter
  • Fixed various general program issues like memory leaks and performance issues
  • Fixed build support for GCC13. It allows Kodi to be built on newer development tools
  • Apple platforms are now all built using a newer version of Xcode (14.2) and the relevant SDKs
  • The documentation for Kodi was updated, and missing sections were completed

Now it is your time to install this release and enjoy the new features and improvements.

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