How to Install Shadow on Kodi

The Shadow add-on is one of the best add-ons for movies and TV shows. This add-on requires using Real Debrid (meaning it doesn’t provide free links) and supports Trakt. Shadow has unique and amazing features like getting Trakt information even if you don’t have an account, search history, last link played, resume watching, Real Debrid history, Real Debrid Torrents and actors category.

Shadow logo
Shadow logo

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How to Disable Automatic Updates for Apps on Android

Automatic updates for apps on an Android device is a useful feature, as it enables you to get new features and fix bugs and security vulnerabilities in your apps, without you having to do a single thing.

However, automatic updates have some drawbacks. If your device is running low on space or battery, or you don’t want to consume all your mobile data package, automatic updates may not be the right choice for you. Another problem is that new updates may introduce new features you don’t want or break old features you need. In this case, disable automatic updates and update specific apps or all of them manually.

Android Automatic Update

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How to Use Kodi with Android on In-car Entertainment

Travelers and drivers often get bored while traveling for long miles in a car. If you are the one who gets frustrated during your road trips, we suggest you install Kodi with Android. By using Kodi, you will be able to enjoy your family trip. Android is a unique platform in which Kodi can be installed for recreation.

As other mobile operating systems don’t support Kodi, we suggest you bring an Android and enjoy even long trips by audio and visual recreation. You might have heard about the accessibility and Kodi usage controversy in terms of pirated content. You only need to stay away from hardware promising pirated content as well as from piracy-ridden applications. Feel free to use the legal source of recreation while driving your automobile.

Here is a complete guide demonstrating what Kodi is, how it is installed, used, and set up with Android for in-car entertainment.

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How to Install Tempest on Kodi

Tempest is a good and reliable add-on for movies and TV shows. All the content is arranged by categories like genres, year, people, languages, most popular, most voted, box office and much more. This add-on also includes a live TV section with a wide collection of channels.

Tempest provides free streams and Torrent support. You can also integrate it with Real Debrid and get high-quality links. We will provide instructions on how to do it later in the tutorial.

Tempest logo
Tempest logo

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How to Setup OneDrive on Kodi

Microsoft OneDrive is a file hosting service. It is used for storing files and synchronizing them across multiple devices.
You can access all your videos found on OneDrive using a Kodi add-on, without the need to use any external storage device. This add-on utilizes the OneDrive API, which means it is fast and reliable.

OneDrive logo

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