How to Change the Splash Screen Image of Kodi

The first thing you see when launching Kodi is the splash screen image. Occasionally, you want to change it because you don’t like the image of the new Kodi version or there is a preferred image that meets your desire. Luckily, you can easily change the default image of Kodi to the one you have chosen. The new image should be in JPG or PNG format and with high resolution like 1920×1080, so it won’t look blurred when launching Kodi.

Kodi splash screen image

Here is how to change the splash screen image of Kodi:

Many websites offer free images, if needed.

First, you need to download your preferred image or use an image you already have.

Next, rename the downloaded file name. It should be splash.jpg in case of JPG format, or splash.png in case of PNG format.

Next, copy the image file to a specific folder according to your device’s platform. The folder is <Kodi data folder>/media and it is empty by default. Here are the Kodi data folder path per platform:

Operating systemKodi data folder path
(In some Android setups, the path may be slightly different to the one stated here)
macOS /Users/< Your username >/Library/Application Support/Kodi
Nvidia Shield (SMB)smb://< Nvidia Shield URL >/internal/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi
WindowsC:\Users\< Your username >\AppData\Roaming\Kodi
Windows Portable< Install location chosen by you >\portable_data
Windows Xbox%LOCALAPPDATA%\Packages\XBMCFoundation.Kodi_4n2hpmxwrvr6p\LocalCache\Roaming\Kodi\

Now, you can change the splash screen image and enjoy a better customization for Kodi.

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