How to Install Kodi on Windows

Installing Kodi on Windows is very simple and takes only few minutes, after this you can start working with it without any problem. Currently Kodi only support a 32 bit version of Windows, but from Kodi 18 onwards also a 64 bit version will be supported.


Here are the instructions how to install Kodi on Windows:

  • Click the URLĀ for the download page of Kodi
  • Scroll down and click the Windows icon
  • Click INSTALLER (32BIT). Kodi installation file will be downloaded to your computer
  • Once the download is finished click on the file to execute it
  • In the welcome screen click Next
  • In the license agreement screen type I agree
  • In the choose components screen leave all the components checked and click Next
  • Select a start menu folder, or create a new folder, or check Do not create shortcuts if you don’t want to create one, and click Install
  • Wait for the installation to finish and click Finish

After installing Kodi on your computer the next step will be to install some add-ons so you can start watching your favorite movies and TV shows.

Follow the add-ons installations tutorials:

Installing add-ons on Kodi


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