How to Install Kodi on Windows

Installing Kodi on Windows is very simple and takes only a few minutes. After doing so, you can start working with it without any problem. Use the 64-bit version of Kodi unless your Windows is 32-bit.


Here are the instructions on how to install Kodi on Windows:

  • Click the URLĀ for the download page of Kodi
  • Scroll down and click the Windows icon
  • Click INSTALLER (64BIT). Kodi installation file will be downloaded to your computer
  • Once the download is finished click on the file to execute it
  • On the welcome screen, click Next
  • On the license agreement screen, click I agree
  • On the choose components screen, leave all the components checked and click Next
  • Select the destination folder and click Next
  • Select a start menu folder or check Do not create shortcuts if you don’t want to create them and click Install
  • Wait for the installation to finish and click Finish

After installing Kodi on your computer, the next step for you will be to install some add-ons to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. The easiest way will be to check out our list of best Kodi add-ons.

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