How to Transfer files with the Send Files To TV App on Android

Do you want to transfer files to your mobile device, smart TV, Fire Stick or set-top box? With the Send Files To TV app, you can transfer even large files in the fastest and safest way available. You will need to install the app on the device that sends the file and on the device that receives it. Make sure that all the devices are connected to the same local network.

Send Files To TV app logo
Send Files To TV app logo

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How to Share Libraries on Kodi using UPnP

UPnP is a set of networking protocols that allows devices like computers and mobile phones to discover each other seamlessly over the network and establish network services. If you have a lot of videos on your computer and you want to watch them on a mobile device or your TV, the combination of Kodi and UPnP will be an excellent solution for it. You can do it by setting your computer as a UPnP server and accessing this server with a Kodi UPnP client that may be a mobile device, Fire TV stick or set-top box, if they are all connected to the same local network.
Kodi uPnP

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How to Download TV Shows Like Succession Season 3 with the KeepStream HBO Downloader

The way entertainment is served on televisions and the mediums serving that entertainment has changed significantly over the years. However, what has not changed is how television still influences our culture and society. And one of the aspects television shows significantly impact is the portrayal of family relations.

How television shows portray families is crucial because it sets a benchmark on how family members should treat each other, how parents should treat their kids, and how families should resolve issues amicably.

The portrayal of families in TV shows has changed drastically over the last 75 years. The 1950s and 60s were about TV shows that portrayed cordial family relations. Throughout the 70s, 80s, and 90s, we continued to see the positive side of families being dished out to audiences, albeit with a pinch of salt or occasional confrontational episodes. It was not until the 2000s that we really started witnessing a barrage of TV shows depicting family feuds at their worst. TV shows that portrayed father and children rivalries, sibling jealousy, and everything except affection. And one such show is Succession, HBO’s popular drama series that, despite the family hostility it displays, has won the hearts of many. Let’s take a few minutes to review Succession Season 3 before learning more about the KeepStream HBO Downloader.

KeepStream HBO Downloader1

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How to Install the Downloader App on Android TV and Fire Stick

The Downloader app allows Android TV and Fire Stick owners to download files from the internet to their devices easily. You can enter a URL that directly points to a file or use the built-in web browser to download files from websites. The browser plugin supports remotes and game controllers, so a mouse and keyboard are not required. You can also use the plugin for web surfing in full screen mode, quick access to bookmarks and zooming. Favorites allow you to easily open and save frequently visited URLs. Once the files are downloaded, you can use the app’s file manager to open them, install them if they are APKs, or delete them.

Downloader app logo
Downloader app logo

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The Best Free Streaming Services

Streaming is one of the most common hobbies for many students. Not only is it an excellent way to spend your free time, but also a true opportunity to earn money. There is nothing new that popular streamers can earn thousands of dollars. But how can you start streaming if you have a limited budget? Is there any chance to find a quality software program you can use? Sure! Discover the best free streaming services you can start using right now.

Free streaming services

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Which Streaming Platform Is Best for Newbies

Streaming is becoming increasingly popular among thousands of people all over the world. The reason is that it allows sharing your experience, earning money, and communicating with people who share your hobbies. But how to choose the best streaming platform that will perfectly meet your needs and expectations? Discover the list of the most convenient streaming solutions in this post.

Streaming platform newbie

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How to Install Cabal on Kodi

Cabal is an all-in-one add-on from the Where The Monsters Live repository. It is based on the excellent Playlist Loader add-on, meaning that the content of Cabal consists of playlists. You can find various playlists, including Midian one click movies, Midian one click catch-up TV, kids stuff, Fluxus TV, Redbull TV, Pluto TV and many TV channels sorted by countries and categories. The quality of this add-on is superb, so we highly recommend it.

Cabal logo
Cabal logo

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