Advantages of Kodi Over Other Streaming Software

Kodi is slowly but steadily conquering the world. Just as streaming services made their way into our lives, Kodi made its way into our devices. Why wouldn’t it? The market is not yet ready to compete with this old-timer. All in all, it’s easier to find what Kodi can’t do than enlist its possibilities. Of course, it operates only in the field of entertainment. Yet, in this area it should be your number one choice. So far, only a few similar software programs have come close to Kodi’s level of performance, features, and overall user experience. However, Kodi, too, keeps on progressing and improving. Ever since it was first introduced in 2002, the software has grown in usability and functionality. Overall, here are the main advantages of Kodi over other streaming software.

Advantages Kodi

What is Kodi?

As we have mentioned, Kodi is streaming open-source software. So what does it mean? Well, you can use Kodi to gain access to any streaming content, like music, TV, or videos. This software was originally developed for Xbox back in 2002. However, with time, the full potential of Kodi was revealed. It became this great entertaining platform as we know it now. A perfect medium between you and content. You can also look for the top rated research paper writing services to learn more about streaming platforms’ magic.

What are its benefits?

First, Kodi is completely free. You can download it and start using the app right away without any fees or conditions. Hence, it’s super easy to install and won’t cost a dime. Next, Kodi is available on any platform (macOS, Windows, Android, or else) and device, including TVs and smartphones. Hence, you can use it with comfort at any place. Even more, this software can let you record live TV. Thus, you will never miss any of your favorite shows while taking care of more important things like reading onlineclasshelp reviews, doing homework, or finishing up with your home chores. Later, you can store those records inside the app or download them on a device.

Another advantage is that the app is synchronized across all the devices. Hence, if you use Kodi on your tablet, phone, and TV, it will look and work absolutely the same. All your storage and libraries will be the same on each device. In addition, Kodi has a remote control, making it super easy to use in a living room setting. Not to mention that the set-up for the app is super fast and simple. It won’t take you longer than five minutes to install and personalize the software on the device of your choice.

Kodi can play any format and work with all streaming services. However, you can not just play any music format but create music playlists inside the app. Also, once you import any movie to the platform, Kodi can suggest getting trailers, artwork, or posters to your film choices. Thus, you can create libraries inside the app. Moreover, you can watch any type of media online or store it on the app. Thus, you can use this app online and offline.

Kodi is also often modified and improved. This software keeps up with the times and doesn’t let any bugs ruin your streaming experience. Moreover, Kodi has great expansion plans. In the future, it wants to provide even more functions and features to perfect its usability. Last but not least, there are multiple opportunities to make your Kodi experience even better by using external apps and special add-ons inside the software.

Those add-ons can be anything you want them. First of all, users can add special functions like screen savers. Thus, you can always take a screenshot of your favorite moment in the show or else. You can also have an inside app for weather checking. Why not? Binge-watching can make us forget even about what day it is, let alone if it’s raining outside. You can even install an in-app Twitter feed to never miss on anything important from the real world. Though, beyond these basic functions, you can also install features that enhance your watching experience. Not to mention that you can always customize your settings to meet your preferences. Keep in mind that all the add-ons are also free.

The bottom line

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should try Kodi right now. Yet, there is only one way to find out whether this app is a good fit for you. Try it! Sometimes a few days of use can tell you more about the software than a detailed guide. Of course, you will find all those benefits of Kodi yourself once you start using it on a daily basis. Moreover, you’ll be able to engage in a completely new streaming experience. Still, it is always good to learn more about the software before installing it on your devices. We hope this guide helped you make up your mind. Happy streaming!

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