How to Change to Cloudflare DNS in Your Browser

A DNS (Domain Name System) is a network service that translates a domain name to an IP address. This translation is required as the servers that route internet requests only know IP addresses and can’t handle domain names.

The DNS used by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is slow and insecure. Having control over the DNS, the ISP can track your activities, block certain websites and prevent you from accessing online services.

The Cloudflare DNS, called, is a reliable and private way to browse the internet. This DNS won’t monitor your activities, and you will be able to access websites and services blocked by your ISP. It is also the fastest DNS available, which means you will get a much better browsing experience.

You can easily configure your browser to use the Cloudflare DNS instead of your current DNS. logo

How to change to Cloudflare DNS in Chrome:

  • Click on the three vertical dots at the upper right corner
  • Click Settings
  • Click Privacy and security
  • Click Security
  • Click Use secure DNS to enable it
  • Click the With radio button and select from the drop-down list Cloudflare (

How to change to Cloudflare DNS in Firefox:

  • Click on the hamburger menu (the three lines at the upper right corner) and select Options
  • Scroll down to Networks Settings and Click Settings
  • Scroll down and click Enable DNS over HTTPS to enable it
  • Click Use Provider and select from the drop-down list Cloudflare (Default)
  • Click OK

You can check here that you now use the new DNS.

Now you can enjoy faster and more secure browsing with the Cloudflare DNS.

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