How to Check I/O Benchmark for Kodi

When diagnosing your Kodi device, one of the common tests is checking how well your storage performs I/O operations (read and write), so you can compare it to other storage devices. The I/O Benchmark add-on writes a file to your storage and then reads this file to test the I/O performance. Don’t be alarmed by poor results as it doesn’t necessarily mean your Kodi device is slow.

I/O Benchmark logo
I/O Benchmark logo

Here are the instructions on how to install I/O Benchmark:

  • Launch Kodi
  • Click Add-ons
  • Click the Add-on browser icon
  • Click Install from repository
  • Click Kodi Add-on repository
  • Click Program add-ons
  • Click I/O Benchmark
  • Click Install
  • Wait till you see an Add-on installed message

Once executing the add-on you see the benchmark of the I/O of your storage compared to other storage devices.

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