Live Streaming Platforms: A New Frontier for College Student Engagement

The concept of live streaming platforms is far from being new, as it emerged during the times of Covid-19 when most students had to implement remote learning methods. In a certain sense, it became a new frontier for college student engagement as it became possible to study anywhere and participate in interactive lessons. Even though most educators these days have been using Zoom Live Streaming platform and Google Classroom to get things done, there are many other ways and professional platforms that focus on live streaming classes. Since it makes it possible to access data on demand after the stream has already ended, it helps students to manage their time and still access sought-after educational content.

Streaming platforms

A New Frontier for College Student Engagement


  • Dacast Educational Platform

Speaking of commercial offerings, this platform starts at $39 per month and can serve as a good and secure solution for online educators or small colleges where live streaming is used for specific subjects. It allows the uploading of videos and content on a pay-per-view basis. It helps to save the hassle of getting all things set up by getting an “all-in-the-box” solution. Still, when some descriptions must be done, it’s necessary to approach a specialist with a write my essays request and discuss what must be done. This way, one can avoid plagiarism and keep the streaming content unique! Since we have streaming content available in abundance, it’s crucial to protect the originality of the content on offer!

  • Panopto Live Streaming Platform

As one of the leading live-streaming platforms in the field of education, it offers the creation of specific learning environments online and provides numerous tools to capture, record, and edit live lectures. Moreover, it offers an amazing video search engine based on keywords. Many universities in the United States and beyond use Panopto for various training programs to help college staff learn how technology works. It can be easily compared to using YouTube, which is why most people will feel at home when using this live-streaming platform. Speaking of engagement, it offers one-on-one options for students with specific needs and also supports many accessibility options.

  • Udemy and Coursera

These two platforms support streaming and include many free or affordable educational courses. Many of them allow us to schedule the learning process and even choose what to learn. As you can see this article, many educators also use streaming as a way to discuss things with students and determine what they need or what changes or additional subjects they would like to add.

  • LMS Integration Matters

One of the most important benefits of live-streaming platforms in education is the presence of LMS integration. It means that students won’t have to change their mindset or feel forced to learn new tools. Regardless of whether it is Blackboard, Google Classroom, or Slack, it will be easy to integrate most streaming platforms by either using built-in tools or external solutions. It must be noted that the security levels of these solutions are far better than Skype and Zoom. Many internal storage options are also worth checking!

The Challenges of Emotional Attachment

Even though live-streaming platforms tend to make learning interactive and unique, there are still specific problems of emotional attachment that must be addressed. They can be resolved with a deeper involvement on behalf of college professors by turning to surveys, questionnaires, and other data collection methods. It will help to determine the needs of the audience and ensure that every urgent issue is being addressed. At the same time, when a college professor knows his or her class, it makes it easier to adjust the live streaming content and use all the technical features of the streaming platform to make educational content custom-tailored. When students see and feel that a teacher cares and addresses their concerns, it helps to increase student engagement in a significant way.


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