How to Use Favourites in Kodi

Once you have many add-ons installed on your device you encounter a small but irritating issue, you have a problem locating them. It isn’t easy to find a specific add-on in such a situation because the display has limited space and some of the add-ons are not shown. You need to scroll until you find it.

This is where the favourites option, located in the menu of the homepage, can help you.

The menu in the homepage with the favorite option

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How to remove add-ons on Kodi

Many times add-on become outdated for various reasons, like an add-on which is not maintained anymore. Having many add-ons also affect your system making it run slower, as those add-ons consume more memory, perform more queries in order to stay updated and occupies more storage.

It is a good practice to go over your add-ons, see which ones are not used anymore and if so delete them. This way you free resources from your system, improve its performance and make it run faster.


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How to Disable Automatic Updates for Add-ons on Kodi

As you probably know there are some repositories and add-ons that aren’t maintained anymore for various reasons, some of them because of legal issues as they deliver pirated content and some because their developers stop updating them.

When an add-on isn’t maintained and we have is installed on our Kodi device we are at risk because an update can break the add-on which currently works properly, or even worse some hacker can take advantage of this situation and  send an update with malicious code. Disabling auto update also give you more control over your Kodi device.


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