How to Use Favourites in Kodi

Once you have many add-ons installed on your device you encounter a small but irritating issue, you have a problem locating them. It isn’t easy to find a specific add-on in such a situation because the display has limited space and some of the add-ons are not shown. You need to scroll until you find it.

This is where the favourites option, located in the menu of the homepage, can help you.

The menu in the homepage with the favorite option

Adding the add-ons you use the most to the favourites is a good practice. This way it is easy and fast to find them.

Add an add-on to favourites:

  • Launch Kodi
  • Click Add-ons
  • Click My add-ons
  • Choose the add-on you want to add and click the menu button
  • Click Add to favourites

Now the add-on that you added is found in the favourites. If you want to reach it just click the favourites and see the add-on there. Don’t add too many add-ons otherwise, the favourites won’t be effective anymore. Put only the ones you really need.

Obviously you can also remove the add-ons once you don’t use it as often as you did before.

Remove an add-on from favourites:

  • Launch Kodi
  • Click Favourites
  • Choose the add-on you want to remove and click the menu button
  • Click Remove

In the same way as removing an add-on you can also rename it, change its thumbnail and move the add-on up or down the list. Just click the menu button and choose the option you need.

You can also use favourites to save individual streams like live TV channels, specific movies or even subsections of an add-on. This way you don’t need to remember in which add-on this stream was found.

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