How To Remove Add-ons with Dependency on Kodi

One of the most common practices in Kodi is to remove add-ons, we do it all the time when we want to remove unused add-ons and to free space. When doing so sometimes we get a message: “<add-on name> is used by the following installed add-on(s)  <add-on name> This add-on can’t be uninstalled”, as shown in the image below.

Example of dependency message
Example of dependency message

It means that the add-on you wanted to remove has a dependency on another add-on, so you can’t remove it.  The problem is that sometimes when you search for the add-on which caused the dependency issue under the add-ons list, you can’t find it. We have a solution for this.

Here is how to remove add-ons that caused a dependency issue:

  • Launch Kodi
  • Click the Settings icon  Settings icon
  • Click System settings
  • Hover over Add-on
  • Click Manage Dependencies (to see this option make sure your level is Advanced or Expert)
  • Choose the add-on that caused the dependency issue
  • Click Uninstall and then Yes to confirm

Now you can go over the list of dependencies to check if there are any add-ons you can remove. If you see add-ons with broom icon next to them, it means that the add-on that installed them was already removed, so you can safely remove those.

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