How to Paste Text to Kodi on Android

Many times you need to enter text to Kodi like URLs for sources or API keys for various services. Typing this long text is an exhausting task and it is also prone to errors, one wrong character and nothing works. This is the reason we use copy and paste, but it isn’t easy to do it on Kodi. In the case of Windows, we can use Ctrl + v and Ctrl + c that work also for Kodi, but for Android, this won’t work. Moreover, the regular way to copy and paste on Android won’t work as Kodi uses its proprietary keyboard. However, there is a solution also for Android by using the remote app for Kodi, and this will make your life much easier.

Paste Kodi Android
The sending text to Kodi screen

Here are the instructions on how to paste text to Kodi on Android:

  • Follow the instructions here to configure the remote on Kodi and install the Kore app for Android

Once the remote is working on your phone, you can use it to paste text to Kodi

  • Copy the text you want to paste
  • On Kodi, click on the field you want to fill. A popup window will appear
  • Click on the Text to send field. A Paste button will appear
  • Click on the button and the text will be pasted
  • Click Send, and the text will appear on Kodi.

Now you can paste text to Kodi on Android and have much better productivity when using it.

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