The Settings Menu of Kodi

The setting menu is the main menu for configuring Kodi. Knowing how to use this menu and configure the settings in the right way can produce a far better experience for you when you watch your favorite movie or listen to a new song.

settings menu
The settings menu

The settings menu contains several submenus, each one is responsible for specific functionality:

  • Player settings – Configure your media player like how to play your videos, music and discs and which language to use for your subtitles.
  • Media settings – Configure your media like where is the source of videos, music and pictures to be added and how to handle each media type.
  • PVR & Live TV settings –  Configure your PVR and live TV so you can watch live channels including recording, power saving and parental control.
  • Service settings – Define various services for Kodi like weather, AirPlay and enabling the UPnP server.
  • Interface settings – Defines the look of your interface like theme, colors, fonts, language, units format and screensaver.
  • Skin settings – Define the look of your skin like whether to use slide animation and which menu items to show in the main menu.
  • Profile settings – Define and manage your profiles.
  • System settings – Configure your system like display, audio, internet access, add-ons and logging.
  • System information – Get all the relevant information about your system like your screen resolution, operating system, storage, network and hardware.
  • Event Log – See the event logs produced by Kodi and define which level of events to see. You can also clear the existing events from the log.
  • File Manager – Explore your profile directory and add new sources.

Each submenu has four levels which define what options to show:

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • advanced
  • Expert

Standard is the default level.

Choose the right level for you according to your experience with Kodi. If you are novice don’t change the level to advanced or expert because changing configurations you are not familiar with can produce unexpected results.

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