Torrent Protection Guide

Torrent is a popular file-sharing network used by millions of users around the world with unlimited access to content. However, when using torrents, the users face several threats related to privacy and security. They need to hide their identity, so they won’t be tracked, and they need to protect their system from malicious and dangerous software like viruses, trojans, backdoors, rootkits, keyloggers and more. This guide is all about how to use torrents, and stay safe.

Torrent protection guide


ISPs track the connections of their users. If they detect that specific users use Torrent, they may block or throttle their connections. Moreover, the identity of the Torrent users is known, as their IP address is exposed, which causes a major privacy concern.¬† VPN software solves those issues. It hides your IP address and encrypts the connection, so the ISP can’t see what you do online.

Use proxy

Configure your Torrent client to use a proxy server. This way the Torrent traffic is routed via the proxy, so the Torrent peers see only the IP address of the proxy. Using both proxy and VPN provides the highest privacy protection.

Don’t download executable files

Executable downloaded files are extremely dangerous and can easily infect your system with malicious software if you unwisely decide to execute them.

Use antivirus and firewall

Antivirus protects the system from malicious software and detects if you downloaded an infected file. Firewall monitors traffic to and from your network and allows or blocks traffic based on a defined set of security rules.

Use sandbox

Sandbox is a  safe virtual environment in which you can run untrusted executable files without endangering your system. If you decide to run an executable downloaded file, do it in the sandbox.

Look for Torrent files with a lot of seeders

If a Torrent file has a lot of seeders, it means that many users checked this file and then started sharing it. In this case, the file is probably safe for download.

Read the comments

Each Torrent file has a comment section provided by users who downloaded and checked this file. You should read the comments before downloading a file. Try to find files with positive reviews. It is better to avoid downloading files when other users warn you about them. Older files have in most cases more comments than newer ones because more users checked them.

By following those rules you dramatically reduce the risks from using Torrent, so keep using them and stay safe!

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