Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Kodi

You can control Kodi using the buttons of your remote control, but there is another way to control it which is a keyboard. Controlling Kodi using a keyboard is a great way to speed up things and improving your user experience. You can do all the common tasks like pausing a video or increasing the volume using keyboard shortcuts.

Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is the list of keyboard shortcuts for Kodi:

Video controls:

Play: P

Stop: X

Pause/Play: Space bar

Fast forward: F

Rewind: R

Audio Controls:

Volume up: +

Volume down: –

Mute: F8

Audio offset: A

Display controls and information:

Toggle fullscreen mode: \

Adjust aspect ratio: Z

Toggle subtitles on/off: T

Toggle player controls on/off: M

Media information: I

Codec Information: O

Live TV controls:

Schedule recording timers: B

EPG/TV guide: E

TV channels window: H

Radio channels window: J

Recording window: K

Various shortcuts:

Shutdown menu: S

Context menu: C

Previous menu: Esc

Those keyboard shortcuts are very useful and you should use them in order to make things easier and faster while working with Kodi.

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