How to Watch Movies in Full Screen with Kodi

The way a movie appears on a screen is based on its aspect ratio. The aspect ratio is the proportion between the width and height of the display. If the aspect ratio of the screen is not the same as the aspect ratio of the movie, this may cause some movies to play only on part of the screen. In this case, you will see black bars on top and bottom and occasionally the sides of the screen.

Trying to watch movies in full screen may be a frustrating task with many available media players. However, with Kodi, you can watch every movie in full screen by changing the aspect ratio of the movie so it will be the same as the aspect ratio of your screen. This is a huge advantage for every movie fan.

Full screen

Here is how to watch movies in full screen:

  • Once the movie is being played, click the menu button. A toolbar will appear at the button of the screen
  • Click the Settings icon  Settings icon
  • Click Video settings
  • Click Video mode
  • Click Stretch 16:9
  • Go back to the movie
  • Click the menu button to remove the toolbar

Now the movie should appear in full screen.

Stretch 16:9 means that the movie is stretched to fill a 16:9 frame. This aspect ratio is universal for high-definition TVs. If you still aren’t satisfied with the result, you can try other aspect ratios by choosing a different Video mode besides Stretch 16:9.

That’s all, it is easy to watch movies in full screen with Kodi. Enjoy it!

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