Watching Live Sports on Betting Sites

At lots of online sportsbooks in Canada, as well as betting on sporting events, you can watch live broadcasts of them. Many Canadian betting sites let you stream top matches, races and other competitions in real time.

On this page, you’ll find out more about how this works and what its benefits are. Carry on reading and see how you can improve your online betting experience – once you start watching live sports, you won’t look back!

Live sports streaming

What Is Live Streaming?

The act of watching any sort of broadcast as it happens over the Internet is referred to as live streaming. When it comes to betting sites in Canada, only a small percentage of them actually offer this. The sportsbooks that do have live streaming typically offer it for some of their biggest sports and most popular events. These include international tournaments and national competitions such as the Olympics, the FIFA World Cup and the 2024 IIHF World Championship, the world’s leading ice hockey event.

At online sportsbooks, there’s usually a very slight delay between the event happening and the stream being broadcast. The reason is simple: it’s to give the bookies enough time to adjust the odds for the event’s bets. Usually the delay is very short, i.e. a matter of seconds.

How to Watch Sporting Events Live

Watching sporting events in real time is easy. First, you have to join an online sportsbook that has live streaming available. Then, you have to meet one or more requirements. Examples of these are given below.

  • Have some money in your account;
  • Place a bet on the event you’re going to watch live;
  • Make a deposit into your sportsbook account.

At most online sportsbooks in Canada, to watch a sporting event live, you need to have placed a bet on it. A bet of any size or type should qualify. Some sites just require you to make a deposit instead. This should usually be C$10, which is the most common minimum deposit amount for Canadian gambling sites. At most casinos, for example, there’s a casino $10 min deposit amount in place for both new and existing members.

Before joining a betting site that offers live streaming, check the terms and conditions to see what the requirements for watching live streams are; usually, they don’t ask too much of you.

To watch live streams, your device will need to have a strong and steady internet connection. If you’re on a mobile device, i.e. a smartphone or tablet, it’ll need to be using data, or you’ll have to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Be aware that live streaming can consume a lot of data, especially if you’re watching things in HD. You should also bear in mind that some local Wi-Fi networks might not have the bandwidth necessary to support live streaming.

Benefits of Live Streaming

Live streaming at betting sites isn’t just about placing bets and watching the corresponding event live. With live streaming, you can place bets while the action’s taking place. This is a much more exciting, unpredictable and potentially rewarding way to go about betting on sports. As the event gets underway, the bookmaker adjusts the odds based on what happens. If you’re lucky, you could end up placing a bet with very favourable odds. Should you win that bet, the payout will be generous.

Another benefit is that with your sportsbook account, you’ve got quick and easy access to a range of live streams. As mentioned earlier, sites typically offer live streaming for only the biggest events, but each site should still have plenty of options available. With your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet, you’re just seconds away from watching live broadcasts of sporting events worldwide.

Finding the Best Live Streaming Betting Site

Betting on sports over the Internet is entirely legal in Canada. There are, therefore, lots of online sportsbooks you can freely access in Canada. Many of these sites have other types of gambling, such as casino games and some of the best poker tournaments Canada offers. Below is a summary of what to look for when deciding on a live-streaming betting site to join.

  • Betting Markets: Most Canadian online sportsbooks have a few dozen markets available. The more there are, the better.
  • Live Streaming Options: There should be live streaming available for the most popular sporting events at least.
  • Favourable Odds: The top Canadian sportsbook sites have competitive odds for their sports bets.
  • Bonuses: To help attract and retain members, sportsbooks offer a range of bonuses such as special odds, free bonus money and cashback.
  • Payment Methods: Your chosen site should accept a payment method you’re currently using. It should offer a good number and range of payment options with fast processing times and no fees.
  • Other Gambling Opportunities: It’s great for sportsbooks to offer other types of gambling to cater to those who want more than just sports betting.
  • Mobile Compatibility: The best online sportsbooks have a fully optimized mobile site that lets you place bets on the go with ease. Some sites may also have an app that’s just as easy to use.
  • Safety and Security: You should only join a site if it can be trusted. The good news is that most online sportsbooks in Canada take all the necessary steps to keep players protected.


If you like the sound of live streaming, join a Canadian online sportsbook that offers it. Watch your favourite sporting events live and enjoy a more immersive and thrilling online sports betting experience. You can follow the action as events unfold and add to your viewing experience.

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