The Complete Guide to Kan Box

Kan Box (in Hebrew BOX כאן) is the official app for the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation with the best quality of free Israeli content in one place, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. It includes news, old classic videos, comedies, dramas, documentaries, podcasts, Makan 33 Arabic TV channel, Kan Educational for children, movies, sports, music and more. With Kan Box, you can watch live TV channels and radio stations alongside a VOD library containing hundreds of titles and thousands of episodes.

Kan Box logo
Kan Box logo

Here is how to install the Kan Box app:

You can install the Kan Box app on Android and iOS from the official stores:

After installing, you can register to the app, and get additional features available only for registered users, like favorites, continue watching, reminders for TV shows, multiple profile creation and more. We recommend registering to enjoy the full capabilities of the app.

Kan Box app
Kan Box app

What you can find in the app

  • A live broadcast page containing three TV channels and eight radio stations with live broadcasts all day
  • An advanced floating player with content recommendations and Chromecast. The player allows you to browse the app without pausing the playback, and continue watching from where you left off
  • A huge VOD library with thousands of episodes from Kan 11 TV shows
  • All the latest and breaking news from Kan 11 TV channel, Kan Bet radio station and videos from Kan Digital
  • The largest Hebrew podcasts library with subjects like history, culture, economics, science and more
  • Kan Educational with content for children, including TV shows, cartoons, songs for kids, podcasts for kids, classic videos and more
  • Recording of full programs from all the Kan radio stations
  • Radio programs in nine different languages from Kan Reka, including English, Russian, French, Spanish, Amharic, Georgian,  Bukharian, Yiddish and Ladino
  • The content is arranged by many categories like drama, comedy, reality tv, entertainment, music, culture, cooking, history, crime, Judaism, award winning tv shows and much more
  • TV guide for all the TV channels and radio stations with detailed information about the different titles and programs
  • Search for a specific title or program
  • Other unique projects with high-quality, diverse and intelligent content

In summary, the Kan Box app is a great way to watch high-quality Israeli content, and we highly recommend using this excellent app.

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