How to Customize Estuary the Default Kodi Skin

Estuary is the default skin for Kodi since version 17 (Krypton). Kodi has many amazing skins that can replace Estuary (here you can learn how to change your skin), but it remains extremely popular and many users of Kodi keep using it even though they have good alternatives. However, we can customize Estuary so it will look more attractive and less boring.

The Estuary skin
The Estuary skin

Here is how to customize Estuary:

  • Launch Kodi
  • Click the Settings icon  Settings icon
  • Click Interface settings to go to the interface settings menu
  • Click Skin settings to go to the skin settings menu

Those two menus contain all the parameters of the skin and you can find below how to change them.

Change localization:

The default language of the skin is English but you can change it to your language and change additional parameters related to localization. To do so go to the interface setting menu, select Regional and click Language, Characters set and Keyboard layouts to change them to your preferred language. You can also change the unit formats used by the skin including date and time formats, temperature unit and speed unit.

To change the language of the subtitles for movies and TV shows go to the player settings menu,  select Language and click Character set to select your preferred language.

Support for non-Latin languages:

Non-Latin languages like Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, and Thai require you to change the font used by the skin. To do so go to the interface settings menu, click Font and choose Ariel Based. You need to change the font before changing the language otherwise you will see empty boxes instead of letters.

Change main menu items:

In the main menu, you have several items like movies, TV shows,  music,  TV, radio and more. You can choose whether or not to show each item, for example, if you don’t use the weather item you can remove it. To do so go to the skin setting menu, click Main menu items and disable the items you don’t want to appear in the main menu or enable the ones you want to appear.

Change background pattern:

You can change the default background pattern of the skin to the one you prefer. To do so go to the skin settings menu and click Choose background pattern to change between several background patterns.

Change the color of the skin:

You can change the color of the skin from the default color to the color that you like. To do so go to the interface settings menu, click Colors and choose the color you want.

Try playing with those parameters and other parameters found under the two menus mentioned before, and find the right combination for you. If you want to revert your changes click Reset above settings to default or change specific parameters back to Skin default.

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