How to Delete Downloaded Files from the Downloader App

One of the most popular apps for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV devices is the Downloader app. It is the easiest way to download files from the internet onto a streaming device. The app is especially helpful in sideloading apps, meaning installing APK files outside the Google Play Store.

If you didn’t delete redundant files like APK files you have installed already, a lot of valuable space may be wasted. Fortunately, there is a way to delete those files and restore the occupied space.

Downloader delete files

Here is how to delete downloaded files from the Downloader app:

  • Launch the Downloader app
  • Hover over Files on the left sidebar menu
  • Highlight the file you want to delete from the list of files and click the menu button
  • Click Delete in the confirmation window
  • Continue and delete all the files you don’t need

Now, you can restore all the wasted space and use the full potential of your device. Finally, don’t forget to do this procedure occasionally.

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