Streaming Online Games for Friends: What to Do!

Total freak for the online games but feel like you never get to see your friends in real life or spend any quality time with them? You’re not on your own there, but did you know that streaming can be a great way to bring even the biggest naysayer on board and get them curious about the world of games? Streaming’s an activity that’s taken off like crazy in the last few years, and you can now let people everywhere watch you kick ass at the next new release or wallow in the nostalgia of a few great childhood favorites. You can also bring your casino games to a stream and show everybody just how amazing your poker skills are!

Streaming games

Streaming’s a great way to bring you and all your friends together for a night of fun, even if you can’t physically make it to each other’s houses for the classic pizza night. We’ve all got plenty of practice at this thanks to covid, and we’re pretty much pros at the online meet up by this point, so being able to add your games to the mix is a great start. So, let’s look at why online casino is better for anybody who wants to share their games across the world.

When you’re at a physical casino, you’re probably not playing with all your best buddies, unless you happen to be wealthy enough (individually or as a group) to get everybody out to Vegas for a once-in-a-lifetime event. However, with an online casino or any other online game, you can get everybody united with one activity no matter where they are, and you can have an amazing time together.

Getting a stream set up

Don’t be daunted by the idea that you should already know it all when it comes to streaming – it’s fine to start at the beginning, and to remember that people all over are streaming their stuff and having a whale of a time. You don’t need a pile of pricey equipment or to be a pro voice actor, and you don’t have to be a ready-made YouTube star with a funny remark for everything that ever happens. Whether you’re bringing casino content or any other game to your friends, you can all have a great time even if you’re a bit of a rookie.

That said, you can’t do it if you’re running your computer setup on tinfoil and a machine that looks like it’s escaped from the 1800s; you’re going to need a pretty decent internet connection and some reasonably modern equipment, with a microphone if you want to be able to chat to people too. You’ll probably want to have a fiber connection if that’s possible, or at least high-speed cable to keep the connection from turning into a static fest every few minutes. Nobody wants to see your latest GTA escapade or your winning hand at poker disappear behind the dreaded buffering circle.

Pick your platform with care

There are streaming platforms galore online, so you’ve got a nice pick of options, including stuff like YouTube (who hasn’t heard of that!), Twitch (it’s not just for Gen Z), Facebook Gameroom, Mixer, and a bunch more. If you’re not sure what you fancy, it’s worth trying a few options out to see how they work. Remember to get your friends’ input too!

They’re the ones you’re hoping will log in to watch you play, so you need to make sure they like the platform they’re going to see the content on. It’s no good to get set up on something like DLive and then find that nope, that’s not any good because it plays up on everyone’s computers or it’s just too complicated for people to get on with. Make sure you’ve got a streaming platform everybody can gel with!

Have a go!

Okay, so the daunting bit of streaming might come after all the setup, all the organization… because then suddenly, you’re live streaming your latest blackjack game or Elden Ring fight for everybody to see, possibly with some actual voice commentary from yours truly too. When you’re faced with the reality of it, that could seem like a pretty big nightmare that you just want to back away from.

Don’t panic, though – it’s okay if your first session isn’t great and you’re a bit awkward in front of the camera to begin with. Most people are, and if you keep at it and make streaming a regular part of life for you and your buddies, you will soon be natural and easy, and just focus on making the game fun for everybody. Streaming’s a great activity, especially for friends you don’t get to spend a lot of face-to-face time with, so get online and hit that “start stream” button!

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