How to Maintain Kodi Using the EZ Maintenance+ Add-on

It is extremely important to run maintenance on your Kodi regularly to keep it stable without annoying errors, keep it clean from redundant files which consume storage space, and for improving its performance. Over time Kodi will run more slowly if you don’t maintain it properly, and this will affect your user experience. The EZ Maintenance+ add-on is the perfect solution for those issues.

EZ Maintenance+ logo
EZ Maintenance+ logo

Here are the instructions on how to install EZ Maintenance+:

  • Launch Kodi
  • Click the Settings icon  Settings icon
  • Click System settings
  • Hover over Add-ons
  • Click Unknown source to enable it (if you didn’t do it already)
  • Go back to the Setting menu
  • Click File manager
  • Click Add source
  • Click <None>
  • Type the URL and click OK
  • Type peno as the source name (so you will be able to identify it later) and click OK
  • Go back to the Kodi home page
  • Click Add-ons
  • Click the Add-on browser icon  add-on browser icon
  • Click Install from zip file
  • Click peno (which is the name you gave to the source)
  • Click
  • Wait till you see an Add-on installed message

Now the EZ Maintenance+ add-on is installed. This add-on is not only for maintenance but also for other purposes like backup and restore, log viewer and speed test. However, we will focus on the maintenance functionality.

To get to the maintenance menu, you need to click on the add-on, and in its main menu click MAINTENANCE. There you see the following options:

Clear Cache

The cache is used to store files, so Kodi won’t need to download the same files over and over again. However, over time more and more files are stored in Kodi’s cache.  A full cache is one of the most common reasons for slow performance with Kodi. Choosing this option cleans the entire cache and improves the performance of your Kodi.

Clear Packages

When installing an add-on, Kodi first downloads a ZIP file containing the add-on’s files in a compressed format. Over time those  ZIP files may consume a large percentage of your storage. Choosing this option removes all those redundant files. You can always download them again if you ever need them.

Clear Thumbnails

Thumbnails are part of every add-on, but an add-on may contain redundant thumbnails. Choosing this option deletes all the thumbnails of the add-ons and force downloading the ones which are needed. This way, you can save a lot of storage.


In the main menu of the add-on click SETTINGS, then click AutoClean at Startup to enable it. By doing so, the add-on will clean the cache, packages and thumbnails every time you start your Kodi. You can also configure the limit for packages and thumbnails folders.

Now you can use the EZ Maintenance+ add-on to maintain your Kodi easily.

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