A New Release for the Official Remote for Kodi – Kore 3.0

Kore is a simple, easy-to-use, beautiful remote that lets you control your Kodi media center from an Android device. Besides controlling the playback and volume controls, you can also see what’s currently playing.

It is an app officially developed by the Kodi team, and therefore has a prefect integration with Kodi.

Kore 3.0
Kore 3.0

After a long delay, the Kodi team released a new version of the Kore app.

In Kore 3.0, the new version, the developers enforce the recommendations for Google’s Material 3 UI guidelines. It ensures a complete overhaul of themes and colors, support for light and dark modes based on the device’s settings, and dynamic colors that change the colors of the interface depending on the current wallpaper (only available on Android 12 and later). In addition, there is an update of buttons, text fields, icons, images and other UI elements, all according to the latest UI standards.

Likewise, most of Kore’s screens have been redesigned. The Remote screen has been enhanced with the current playback status and better media control, allowing direct control of playback. The Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Addons screens have a new look, especially on the Actions section. All previously available actions are still there, only changed position (except for the IMDb link, which often didn’t work and therefore was replaced by a generic Google search).

Also, the Play Locally feature is now called Stream, which is more appropriate and concise according to the developers. The Artist details screen displays the artist albums below the general information instead of on a separate tab.

Finally, the display of the connection status (connecting, not connected or connected) has been improved and made clear on the different screens. The top app bar is collapsible where appropriate, and the remote area allows the wallpaper to fill the entire screen.

Kore 3.0 is available on Google Play Store and F-Droid.

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