Things You Will Need if You Want to Start Live Streaming

Are you looking for extra ways to make money? It is something far easier today than it has ever been in the past. These days, everyone has access to the internet. Thanks to easier ways to keep Spectrum internet services running, like Spectrum payment center, people spend more time online. And platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and even Facebook or Instagram depend on user-generated content. It has also morphed into the lucrative live streaming industry.

Live streaming

You’ve probably seen a live stream more than once in your life. You may have watched your favorite YouTube celebrity podcast. Or you could have been watching a pro-gamer ripping through their Dota2 opponents on Twitch. What if you could be the same? Of course, there is no real guarantee of getting any success out of your live streaming. But you may be able to start building something workable with the right ingredients. Here are the three most important ones:

The Hardware

All professionals need the right tools. If you want to be a serious live streaming pro, so do you. In particular, you need the hardware to make sure your video and audio feed is as clear as possible. It may be time to start saving up for some new equipment. After all, there is only so much you can do with the smartphone or a webcam as your video source.

You will need a professional camera to create professional video content. But you can start with an entry-level camera instead of going overboard with more expensive cameras. Along with a camera, you need an adjustable tripod stand. You can easily find several of these in varying ranges of price and quality. Just focus on getting a tripod that is sturdy but not too expensive. You can always get a better one later on.

Finally, you need the right audio system. It will almost always include a microphone. But you may also need other stuff, such as a noise filter. You should also read up on how to set up your audio and video hardware to work with your desktop PC or laptop.

The Software

Setting up for live streaming is usually not as simple as using hardware you can simply plug in and start playing. You still need the right software to make sure your equipment works correctly. Your camera and microphone will likely come with software that you need to install. It will allow you to make sure your audio and video quality are working right. And if they aren’t, you should be able to make the necessary adjustments.

You may also need codec software that encodes the video and audio for the desired format. Depending on the video and audio quality you have, you may have to use video compression software as well. The raw feeds will likely be heavy on your data plans. A compressed feed, however, will consume far less data. And if you use the right software, you shouldn’t experience too big of a drop in your stream. Remember, if both your audio and video quality are poor, you’ll not be able to retain viewers on your stream for too long. Both have to be on point.

The Stream’s Content

Finally, hardware and software are crucial. But the content you stream is equally so. Illegal streams, such as live streaming PPV events like UFC fight nights are a bad idea. The same goes for theatrical releases. You will run the risk of serious legal ramifications and copyright infringement litigation. But there are plenty of legal ways to make money from live streams. You just need to pick what you want to do.

A good idea for live streamers is to create streams that revolve around something they are passionate about. If you enjoy playing popular multiplayer games like Dota2, Fortnite, Call of Duty, or others, you already have a potential idea. You could start streaming your games on Twitch. As you get better at it, you could start attracting more viewers and even sponsors. Similarly, if you’re a fitness enthusiast you could live-stream your workouts, fitness regimens, and even nutrition. As an automobile enthusiast, you could stream your latest project build.


Choosing a niche that you are interested in and passionate about will always help. But it may not be enough on its own. Your stream needs to break the clutter out there. Meaning, you should offer something that other similar streamers don’t. Something that makes viewers want to come back for your subsequent live streams. Plan your streams, prep your jokes, and maybe work on a unique catchphrase or two. You should also give some thought to aesthetics. Make sure your background is presentable, the lighting is good, and there are no noisy disruptions around. And trust the process as you improve your content.

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