How to Use Kodi with Android on In-car Entertainment

Travelers and drivers often get bored while traveling for long miles in a car. If you are the one who gets frustrated during your road trips, we suggest you install Kodi with Android. By using Kodi, you will be able to enjoy your family trip. Android is a unique platform in which Kodi can be installed for recreation.

As other mobile operating systems don’t support Kodi, we suggest you bring an Android and enjoy even long trips by audio and visual recreation. You might have heard about the accessibility and Kodi usage controversy in terms of pirated content. You only need to stay away from hardware promising pirated content as well as from piracy-ridden applications. Feel free to use the legal source of recreation while driving your automobile.

Here is a complete guide demonstrating what Kodi is, how it is installed, used, and set up with Android for in-car entertainment.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is the largest legal media streaming platform gaining popularity all over the world. Due to its simple layout, easy accessibility, and functionality, it’s an excellent choice for media organizers and video streamers. People often get worried when they don’t understand its features. You just need to relax after customizing Kodi by setting it according to your wish.

How to Install Kodi with Android?

Kodi installation is quite easy just like any other application you install by pressing the “install” icon. Never install Kodi in a phone having a screen smaller than 5 inches. If you are interested in installing Kodi, just go to the play store and install it. In the past, Kodi users had to browse a third-party skin for making it usable. But now you can use it directly on the touch display.

People looking for a media player will never get anything better than this. You will be able to listen as well as watch recreational things on it. Due to its connectivity with Android, it has become very easy to search and control Kodi content. Besides this, Android gives you accessibility for changing the theme of the app as well.

How to Set up Kodi with Android?

After installing the Kodi application, the very first thing you need before using it is its setup. The Kodi application will look like a standard video player. Whenever you will open this app after its installation, it will give you a display similar to the old version of Window Media Center.

There is a navigation bar on the left side of the display while the menu on the right side. You can browse everything you want in your media players like shows, music, and TV programs on the navigation. When you see the menu, you will be instructed with a note of the empty library. To add the music, songs, ad videos in your file section, follow the instructions.

Do you want to access your local device content on Kodi? Well! It’s possible. For this, select the “Enter File section” first and then browse all your mobile files unless you find the directory you want to play on the Kodi browser. After browsing, you just need to add your device content into the Kodi library by pressing the icon “Add (Media)”. In this way, you will be able to access media sources on your display.

There are two steps you need to follow for setting Kodi to be used with an Android in your car.

1- Press the setting menu by clicking on the gear icon displayed on the left side of your screen right above the navigation. By doing so, the content will be loaded in Kodi’s settings.

2- It’s quite difficult to use all the functions together in an extensive way. You can separate all the options for making Kodi working and functionality easily. In order to separate the featured functions, you should separate the following features.

  • Media – it allows you to organize and display local media changes through Kodi. It can be done by changing the options like thumbnail and sorting. This sorting can be done to make different folders. For instance, if your kids also travel with you, you can place animated documentaries in child folders and songs in parent folders.
  • Interface Setting – this is one of Kodi’s key setting options you can modify according to your desire. You know what you can add and change the skin font and colors. Furthermore, there is an option of setting the language of display.
  • File Manager – File manager settings can be done in Kodi as well. You can also use Solid Explorer for managing all the file needs. You can move or change the file from one folder to another by changing the setting of the file manager.
  • Player – the most detailed option you will get in Kodi with Android settings is player. Through this feature, you can rewind and fast your documentary, refresh your collection, photos, and videos accessibility option, and default settings of audio and written languages. You will be glad to know this video streamer comes with a unique disc playback option.
  • PVR & Live TV – there is no need to mess up with its setting. But you will surely love this feature. Do you know WHY? It is because you can watch your favorite TV program live through Kodi with Android.

Use Kodi with Android on In-car Entertainment

No need to worry if you spend most of your time in your car, you can still enjoy live streaming of shows and listen to music. The most interesting thing is the latest cars are available with LCD options. All you need is to connect them with Android Kodi for tapping on your favorite playlist to enjoy the drive in your car. In short, you can do all the things in the live streaming Kodi play center.

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