Why You Should Use Kodi on iOS for Driving

Car trips can be long and tiring. Our children often travel with us and they need to be entertained with something. The Kodi app will help you with this. Many Android owners have been using this application for a long time.

Contrary to popular belief, Kodi can also be used to play videos on an iPhone or iPad. It is true that you will not be able to download the program officially as you will not find it in the App Store. Instead, you can use other methods to enjoy all your own content or stream whatever you want on your Apple smartphone or tablet.

Kodi iOS driving

Kodi is getting very popular. Many rental companies install this program on the devices in their cars. And unsurprisingly. After all, Kodi allows you to customize yourself and add various applications, which will allow the client who rented a car to easily find entertainment for himself or his passengers. And the comfort and convenience of the client is the main parameter for good car rental companies. That is why, in addition to excellent cars equipped with everything necessary, rental companies have made the rental process simple and convenient. You can now even rent a car online.

What is Kodi?

Kodi, formerly known as XBMC, is software to play very popular and versatile audiovisual files that are also used to play videos on TV or during trips in your own or rental car.

e your own videos that you have saved in the player, others that you have downloaded from the Internet, or just online. Of course, you can only benefit from this if the add-on is available.

Installation on iOS with Jailbreak

There is no Kodi app for iPad/iPhone in the App Store. The link to the special package is available only on the player’s website. Jailbreak iOS Procedure (requires Cydia):

  • Find the iFile or Filza file browser in Cydia and install it;
  • Download the .deb package with the latest version of the Kodi player using Safari or any other browser. Important: mobile browsers do not show the download process, so you should wait a bit;
  • In the dialog menu that appears, click the “Open in…” button and select iFile or Filza;
  • Select the downloaded file and click Install. Ready!

Features of Kodi

Kodi provides users with the ability to play several different types of media. You will be hard-pressed to find a media format that Kodi cannot play. This is very convenient when traveling, especially in a rented car, such as dubai mini cooper. After all, you are using your usual devices with your usual Kodi settings.

Kodi comes with the following features:

  • Music playback;
  • Video playback;
  • Streaming TV;
  • Photo Viewer;
  • PVR (personal video recorder);
  • Significant customization. Kodi allows you to apply various skins that change the look and feel of the software;
  • Install plugins (add-ons). (Kodi allows the installation of user-created plugins, better known as add-ons. This is one of the most desired features of Kodi. Add-ons can allow users to do anything from watching live TV shows to checking car information.

While Kodi is capable of playing several different kinds of media, users should keep in mind that the content must be user-provided. Once downloaded, Kodi comes as an empty program with no plugins or other media installed.


Don’t forget about embedded technologies. With Apple AirPlay, you can effortlessly listen to music on your home audio system connected to your media center. Kodi supports AirPlay. To enable the service, go to the appropriate settings section.

Other benefits


  • Weather

You can set up Kodi to display the weather in your area. This feature is very convenient as it allows you to quickly view the weather while enjoying your favorite media files. Even though today’s sports and luxury cars you can rent are equipped with onboard computers, Kodi’s weather feature is useful when traveling to another country whose weather you can’t predict.

To set the weather in your area, from the Kodi home screen select the settings icon, and select Service Settings followed by Weather. Under Service for weather information, you can select the service you want to use to display weather conditions in your area.

  • Skins

In Settings>Interface Settings, you also have the option of choosing different skins. This allows you to customize the look and feel of Kodi to your liking.


Today, if there is a desire to turn your iPhone, MacBook, or iPad into a full-fledged universal media center, one program is enough that does not take up much space. The Kodi player fits this requirement.

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