How to Activate Autocomplete on Kodi

One of the most useful features of Kodi is autocomplete. The purpose of this feature is to predict the rest of a word a user is typing by showing a list of predicted words. This way, the user can improve his productivity and avoid typing long text.
To activate this feature on Kodi, you need to install the AutoCompletion add-on. When searching for a movie or a song on a specific Kodi add-on using the virtual keyboard, you will get the list of predicted words, and you will be able to choose from this list.

AutoCompletion logo
AutoCompletion logo

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How to Set Up Screensaver on Kodi

Screensavers were designed originally to protect the computer monitor from phosphor burn-in. The concept is simple, the screensaver appears automatically after a specific period of inactivity. However, with the advances in display technology, they are no longer needed for monitor protection. People still use them mainly because they are fun and entertaining.

With Kodi, you can easily set up a screensaver. We provide in this tutorial recommendations for good screensavers.

The Matrix Trails screensaver
The Matrix Trails screensaver

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How to Set Up Trakt on Kodi

Trakt is a service that keeps track of the movies and TV shows you watch. Every title you watch is stored in your account history, and you can find new content based on your watching activities. If you have multiple devices using the same account, this information is synced across all of them. Another useful feature of Trakt is the ability to view public playlists of other users, and this way find additional content that matches your interests.

You can use Kodi to authorize and sync your Trakt account. Most of the popular Kodi add-ons support Trakt and provide perfect integration between the two platforms.

Trakt logo
Trakt logo

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How to Watch Movies on Full Screen with Kodi

The way a movie appears on a screen is based on its aspect ratio. The aspect ratio is the proportion between the width and height of the display. If the aspect ratio of the screen and the movie are not the same, the movie will fill only part of the screen. In this case, you will see black bars on top and bottom and occasionally on the sides of the screen.

Trying to watch movies on full screen may be a frustrating task with many available media players. However, with Kodi, you can watch a movie on full screen by changing its aspect ratio. This way the movie will have the same aspect ratio as your screen. Every movie fan will love this feature.

Full screen

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How to Paste Text to Kodi on Android

Many times you need to enter text to Kodi like URLs for sources or API keys for various services. Typing this long text is an exhausting task and it is also prone to errors, one wrong character and nothing works. This is the reason we use copy and paste, but it isn’t easy to do it on Kodi. In the case of Windows, we can use Ctrl + v and Ctrl + c that work also for Kodi, but for Android, this won’t work. Moreover, the regular way to copy and paste on Android won’t work as Kodi uses its proprietary keyboard. However, there is a solution also for Android by using the remote app for Kodi, and this will make your life much easier.

Paste Kodi Android
The sending text to Kodi screen

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How to Set Up Real Debrid on Kodi

Real Debrid is a subscription service for accessing a large number of premium hosts. Those hosts are the best sources for streaming content on the internet. Using Real Debrid you can download much faster, with less buffering and have access to high-quality HD and 4K content you won’t find with free hosts. The service is not free, because the money is needed for paying for servers and ensuring a maximum download speed even during peak hours. It is intended for VOD content and won’t work with IPTV.

Real Debrid logo
Real Debrid logo

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How to Watch Videos from Local Storage with Kodi

Kodi is well known for its add-ons that allow watching movies and TV shows online, but you can also watch them from your local storage. The definition of local storage is broad. It can be a USB flash drive, DVD, local network, hard disk, or movies and TV shows you downloaded with Kodi. Playing videos from local storage has an advantage over online streaming, as you can play those videos offline. You won’t need to search for working links and won’t have any buffering issues.

Local storage

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