How to Disable Automatic Updates for Add-ons on Kodi

As you probably know there are some repositories and add-ons that aren’t maintained anymore for various reasons, some of them because of legal issues as they deliver pirated content and some because their developers stop updating them.

When an add-on isn’t maintained and we have is installed on our Kodi device we are at risk because an update can break the add-on which currently works properly, or even worse some hacker can take advantage of this situation and  send an update with malicious code. Disabling auto update also give you more control over your Kodi device.



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How to Install Kodi on Andriod

Installing Kodi on Android is very simple and takes only few minutes, after this you can start working with it without any problem. There are many Android devices that run Kodi including TV boxes, smart TV, tablets and mobiles. Kodi support both Andriod 32 bit and 64 bit devices. You can install it using the Google Play Store or using an APK file.



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How to Install Bob Unleashed on Kodi

The Bob Unleashed add-on is no longer available. We recommend using the Verdict add-on instead.

Bob Unleashed is one of the top playlist add-on for Kodi. It contains a lot of content for you to watch in various categories including live TV, movies, TV shows,  kids, sports, music and more. The team that operates this add-on focus on quality, so you should expect great content!

Bob Unleashed logo
Bob Unleashed logo

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